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P7 Leavers 2020

P7 Leavers 2020

'Four of my favourite memories at Antrim Primary are performing in the Victorian assembly, auditioning for Rafiki and getting the part, going to the Apple store and attending the ECO Club. I loved P7 and have so many memories. My advice is to enjoy your last year of primary school and make lots of happy memories' (Leah Waring). 


'My favourite memory of P7 was when my teacher read funny stories. The work will get tough, so always listen to your teacher and ask if you are confused. Don't be shy' (Elijah Ingle).


'My favourite memory of P7 is when I got chosen to be Pumba in the school play, which made me really happy. I know I didn't have the P7 experience that I thought I'd have, but I know if I had, I would have so many more memories to tell. Don't worry about the AQE. Just try your best, then go and enjoy the rest of P7' (Ruby Hyndman).


'My favourite memory was when I found out I got the part of a lioness in the school play' (Molly McKenna).


'My favourite memory of Antrim Primary was when we won the regional hockey qualifiers. My advice is to always have fun in P7 while it lasts. You only get to be a P7 once' (Tegan McDonald).


'It's hard but stay calm' (Flora Clark).


'My memories of primary school are making lots of great friends. On the first day I was terrified, but my friends and teacher made me feel at home' (Ava Dalton).


'When I joined Antrim Primary, I enjoyed participating in shared education and meeting different pupils from another school. School trips were well organised and great fun.W5 was a wonderful trip' (Hannah McWhinney).