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P7 Leavers 2019

Antrim PS Leavers Class of 19

This video is about Antrim PS Leavers Class of 19

'My time at Antrim Primary has been amazing. There have been so many good memories, both funny and serious. I have always had so much fun with my friends and teachers. Whenever I wake up on a Monday morning I am always excited to come to the best school in Antrim! My favourite experience of Antrim Primary was the finale of our school play, walking out on stage and getting a huge cheer made me feel so proud of myself!' (Noah Smyth)


'I have really enjoyed playing in the school football team and representing the school. I also enjoyed having the opportunity to be part of the school cricket team. I have learned so much during my time at Antrim Primary and have loved every teacher. In P7 I enjoyed going to Carrowmena and all of the other school trips. I have really, really enjoyed my time at Antrim Primary and I wish the school good luck in the future.' (Luka Bates)


‘I have loved my time in Antrim Primary School, I’ve had some of my best experiences in this school. All my teachers I’ve had throughout my time at this school have been fun, caring and were always there when you needed them. One of my proudest experiences at this school was when we got a standing ovation when we finished our Shrek play. At this school I have done things I never thought I would do. I really liked going to Scarborough with all my friends. All the teachers are very good at what they do. It’s nice to be in a school that has such great pupils, staff and atmosphere as this school. I will really miss this school when I leave this year.’ (Jacob Neill)


‘Though I wasn’t here for P1 in Antrim Primary, I hoped that I have been an asset to the Antrim Primary family. One of the best things here was how nice and kind the teachers were to me, whether they were fed up to the high heavens with me or not. I love how all of the teachers make learning fun, they make the dreariest subjects like maths almost a joy. My proudest moment in Antrim Primary was by being a brave girl by going on scary rides at Flamingo Land during the P7 Scarborough trip. This school has helped me get into Antrim Grammar, so I would like to say thank you for everything this school has done for me. Antrim Primary is the best school in the world! I feel sad leaving but life must go on I guess.’ (Jasmine Barnes)


'I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Antrim Primary School! I have learned many new skills from working as part of a team to learning to read. During my time at the school, I have particularly enjoyed learning about the Victorians and assisting with outdoor play. I am very fortunate to have gone to Antrim Primary School.' (Alannah Connolly)


I am so happy to have gone to Antrim Primary. Right from P1 to P7 it has been great. My proudest moments were being Shrek in the P7 play, getting my AQE results and getting into my next school. There are also many different clubs and organisations, something for everybody. I’ve taken part in many of the clubs and thoroughly enjoyed them all. The teachers are kind and helpful. I am lucky that Antrim Primary has lots of plays, concerts as I love being part of them. When we were younger, we had plenty of toys to play with at playtime. When we did outdoor play there were great resources to enjoy playing with. All of the staff at Antrim Primary are friendly and if I met one of my former teachers, I could always have a good chat with them. Our school enters many competitions and has an impressive array of trophies! I am so grateful to have been a part of Antrim Primary and will be sad to go.’ (Elsa Price)


‘I still remember my first day in Antrim Primary School with Mrs Grant, she was a great teacher. Some of my favourite memories of the school include winning the Antrim Sixes in sudden death penalties, shared education with St Comgalls and going to Flamingo Land on the P7 trip. I have enjoyed my time at Antrim Primary School, and I am sad that I have to leave. Antrim Primary School is the best school ever!’ (Freddie Thornton)


‘When I look back on my time in Antrim Primary School, I only have fond memories. I really enjoyed tag rugby and hope to take up contact rugby in my next school. My favourite trip was Scarborough. The best part was playing football on the beach with everyone. I also enjoyed participating in the Mile Run Challenge at the Castle Grounds with other schools. I am sad that I’m leaving Antrim Primary and I wish the school the best in the future.’ (Jamie Maguire)


‘My favourite memories from Antrim Primary include the P7 school trip to Carrowmena. During our time at Carrowmena we participated in a number of activities including Jacob’s ladder, zipline, giant stand up paddle boarding, archery and mini Olympics. I really enjoyed being an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and being part of the Eco club. I really enjoyed weaving the willow dome. The P7 play, Shrek, is another memory I will have. I was Princess Fiona and it was really funny when Mr McBride had to paint my face green in 20 seconds. I am so thankful to all the staff at Antrim Primary who gave me these opportunities. Thanks a million!’ (Grace Lutton)


'I have enjoyed being a pupil at Antrim Primary School because the teachers have all been kind and encouraging. We are expected to work hard but always have fun in doing so. Mr Gourley is very good at his job! In P7 you get to go on a school trip to Carrowmena or Scarborough. I was lucky enough to go to Carrowmena and I really enjoyed myself. It was really fun and I was so happy that I went. I love this school and I am glad that I got to attend Antrim Primary School.' (Ruby Cartwright)