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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Room 12 - Miss Pankhurst

P7 Leavers 2020

Week Beginning 22/6/20


Good morning everyone,


The last few moths have been a time of unprecedented circumstances, with regard to education. Since the end of March, life for Primary Seven pupils has been very different, compared to other years. Events, such as trips, shows and sports days have had to be abandoned and remote learning has become the new norm. During this time we have been extremely impressed by the response of our pupils. You have worked industriously, completing online tasks, since lockdown began. This commitment to your work  and your strength of character, during the last number of weeks, are attributes which you will carry with you to your new schools.

We have been very privileged to have taught you during Primary Seven and wish you continued success in the future.


Miss P, Mr M and Mr McB



Week Beginning 15/6/20


Good morning everyone,


We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. It's hard to believe that it's almost the end of the summer term! This week we would like you to continue to complete some comprehensions in Literacy and more patterns and number work, in Maths.

Also, could you all please send a portrait photo of yourself, wearing your hoodie, to your teacher, through the Seesaw app. We will use them to make a class photo. If you don't have a hoodie, please wear a white shirt and tie.


Look after yourselves and stay safe, especially now that restrictions are easing!

Miss P, Mr M and Mr McB




Good morning everyone,


Congratulations on being accepted to the school of your choice. Each of you will be a valuable asset to your new school and I am delighted for you all. I hope that you will take advantage of all the new opportunities available to you and thoroughly enjoy the next stage of your educational career.

It has been my privilege and pleasure to teach you during Primary Seven and I wish you every success in the future!


Miss Pankhurst


Week Beginning 01/6/20


Good morning everyone,


We continue to miss you all, but it's great to hear from you via Seesaw! Please continue to keep in touch.

During the next two weeks, we would like you to complete some comprehension passages in Literacy. In Maths, we have set number patterns, negative numbers and turns reinforcement work.

As you are aware, the temperatures are very high and the sun is extremely hot. Please make sure to look after yourselves during this period of very warm weather.


Keep well and stay safe!

Miss P, Mr M and Mr McB




Week Beginning 25/5/20


Hello everyone,


We hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday, are keeping well, enjoying the lovely weather and getting outside a little more, due to the slight change in lockdown restrictions. This week, you need to complete the Literacy comprehension, 'Running, Leisure and The Dual World of Anders Arnfield', and Maths work on Probability. Also, as well as work being posted on the website, we have started Seesaw activities and we would ask you to complete those also.


Please continue to stay safe. Missing you all.

Miss P, Mr M and Mr McB




Week Beginning 18/5/20


Good morning everyone,


We hope you are continuing to stay safe and keep well. This week, please be aware that a few restrictions have been eased, so it is imperative that you are even more vigilant, if you are out and about. Remember to social distance, only travel if your journey is absolutely necessary and continue to wash your hands regularly.

With regard to our work this week, we have set some more comprehensions in Literacy, 'The Holiday'. In Maths, you will be expected to complete work on analogue and digital time.

Next week, we will be contacting you through Seesaw, as well as through the school website. The same work will be posted on both sites. We would encourage you to participate in using Seesaw. Not only is it a fantastic app, but it's a great way to have more personal interaction with your teachers and friends. We have missed hearing from you all, so this will be a marvellous way to keep in touch and be kept up to date with what you have been doing since finishing school. E.g. How did you spend VE Day? Have you been keeping in touch with your friends and family using an app? How have you celebrated occasions like birthdays?

We miss you al and look forward to hearing from you soon through Seesaw!


Stay safe and keep well.

Miss P, Mr M and Mr McB




Week Beginning 11/5/20


Good morning P7,


We hope you are all keeping well and have managed to complete the work which was set for week 3. 

This week we would like you to complete the first of the comprehension packs, ‘Letters to Navy Island / Lightning War / Feeding Britain’. You will see that this pack is split into three sections, with the passage being accompanied by the question and answer booklet. For Numeracy, we would like you to complete some reinforcement work on the topic of ‘Decimals’.

We hope that everyone is keeping well. Sending good wishes to you all.


Stay safe.

Miss P, Mr M and Mr McB




Week Beginning 4/5/20


Good morning everyone,


We are missing you and hope that you are still continuing to keep well. We envisage that you have managed to successfully complete last week's work.

This week our topics are "Words from Past Papers" for Literacy and "Percentages" in Maths.

Hopefully, you will find this work straightforward, as we have already covered it during class.

Sending good wishes to you all.  


Stay safe.

Miss Pankhurst, Mr. Mairs and Mr. McBride




Week Beginning 27/4/20


Good morning Primary 7,


We hope you are all keeping well and have completed the work which was set for week1.

We would like you to make a start on the work for week 2. This will help you to revise some topics which we have already covered and help you prepare for your new school which you will be attending in September.

We hope that everyone is in good health and keeping well. We miss you all and think about you every day.


Stay safe!

Miss P, Mr. M and Mr McB.

Just to let everyone in Room 12 know that I am thinking of you all.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Look after yourselves and stay safe!


Miss Pankhurst xoxo

Welcome to Primary 7 Room 12!

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer holidays.

I am looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday morning, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for the year ahead!!surprise

Here are some lovely photos of our class members for the year 2019/20.

Do you recognise anyone?


Getting to know you!

 We discussed various topics, including favourite foods, hobbies and pets. The results were very interesting, as you can see from the photos!

PDMU today in Room 12


Today, we were joined by some students from Antrim Grammar School, who taught the class to speak Spanish.

Our class members were taught how to count to twenty in Spanish. They also learned the names of pets and some colours. Isla especially enjoyed the lesson, because she lived in Spain and is fluent in Spanish!

Look at the photos to view what happened in Room 12.

Accelerated Reading in Room 12

We have been participating in Accelerated Reading since Primary Six. It is a fabulous activity, which encourages children to read for pleasure, whilst increasing their vocabulary and improving reading skills.

Hot Seating in Room 12


Our class novel this term is, "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit."  It was written by Judith Kerr, who also penned "The Tiger who

came to Tea."

During the lesson, pupils sat in the "hotseat" and answered questions asked by their peers, in the persona of either Anna or Max.

What an enjoyable activity!



We are using protractors to measure and draw angles. 

Look at the concentration on some of the pupils' faces!



We are studying the Great Famine, which occurred in Ireland , from 1845 until 1850. Today, we walked across the road, to view the building which used to be the workhouse in Antrim and to discuss the conditions in which people lived, during this time.

Upon our return to school, we shared some excerpts from our Famine Diaries.




We have been birdwatching this week.

Look at the photos of our budding ornithologists!


We love STEM Week!

This year our activities have included creating Magnus Gliders and building bridges.

Enjoy our photos!


We tested the strength of our bridges, by seeing which ones could support the heaviest weights.

Study our photos and see if you can guess the winner!



We are meeting with our friends from St. Comgall's to participate in Tag Rugby.

Enjoy browsing the photos of the coaching session on Thursday 27th February!



We are learning about harmful substances , under the tutelage of Stephen and Chloe from Antrim Youth Information Centr


Everyone loved this activity!


We participated in a Tag Rugby tournament at Antrim Forum, as part of our Shared Education. It was a super day, despite the weather!

Our Class Assembly  13/3/20

Today, we performed our assembly, in front of Key Stage 2 classes. The theme was "Victorian Children" and we looked at the jobs carried out by poor children during Queen Victoria's reign. Employment in which Victorian children were involved, included chimney sweeping, flower selling and working in the local mills. Also in the spotlight, were children from well to do homes, who were educated by a governess.

The assembly was excellent and Miss McClenaghan and I are extremely proud of our class!