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Room 13 - Mrs McKee

Welcome to Mrs McKee’s P6 class - Room 19


P6 have a busy year ahead.


We like to be creative and enjoy learning in the outdoors. We are always up for a challenge.

Have a look at all the great things we do in Term 1. We learn about the History and Geography of our local area. Check out our pictures of the Round Tower and Castle Grounds.

We are looking forward to hosting our special Children in Need charity assembly on the 16th November 2018.


Thanks for stopping by.


Come back soon!




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Round Tower Trip
Picture 1
Picture 2
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Picture 6

Burns' Skills School

Burns' Skills School 1 Our team was called The Fantastic Fifteen.
Burns' Skills School 2 Our team was known as The Bananas.
Burns' Skills School 3 We talked about our favourite food.
Burns' Skills School 4 We discussed our favourite animals
Burns' Skills School 5 We made up a special hand shake.
Burns' Skills School 6 This is our hand shake.

Lough Neagh Trip

Lough Neagh Trip 1
Lough Neagh Trip 2
Lough Neagh Trip 3
Lough Neagh Trip 4
Lough Neagh Trip 5
Lough Neagh Trip 6
Lough Neagh Trip 7
Lough Neagh Trip 8
Lough Neagh Trip 9
Lough Neagh Trip 10
Lough Neagh Trip 11
Lough Neagh Trip 12
Lough Neagh Trip 13
Lough Neagh Trip 14
Lough Neagh Trip 15

RDS Science Blast at the Waterfront Belfast

On Wednesday 5th June our class went to the Waterfront in Belfast for the RDS Science Blast!

We displayed our work on smart energy and our team (Abigail, Leah, Jessica, Tori-lee, Katie, Ruby, Sarah and Nicole) stayed with the display to present our ideas to the Judges and other people at the show.

We had the chance to look around at some of the other schools displays as well as exploring other interactive activities, including some Virtual Reality games and making wind turbines.

As well as seeing all the displays in the main hall we also got to go to a few shows! The first of these was Gastronaut Extreme where BBC Gastronaut Stefan Gates spoke about the science of food including some edible chemistry, rockets and smoke cannons! We also heard from rapper Jon chase all about the Solar system who used raps to help us learn about the planets that make up our solar system. Our last activity was hearing from Marty Jopson about dangerous equations where he explained the maths behind some dangerous stunts like when he karate chopped through three pieces of wood!

We received a Science Blast award for our display and had great fun throughout the entire day!

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