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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Room 15 - Mrs Clinton

Welcome to our Class page.  We have been very busy during the first half term of P5.  We hope that you enjoy looking at some of the activities we have been doing during our "Mighty Me" topic.

Budding Artists

Budding Artists 1
Budding Artists 2
Budding Artists 3
Budding Artists 4
Budding Artists 5
Budding Artists 6
Budding Artists 7
Budding Artists 8
Budding Artists 9

Our Unique Paintings

Our Unique Paintings 1
Our Unique Paintings 2
Our Unique Paintings 3
Our Unique Paintings 4
Our Unique Paintings 5
Our Unique Paintings 6

October Class Talks

October Class Talks 1
October Class Talks 2
October Class Talks 3

Colour Day!

Colour Day! 1
Colour Day! 2
Colour Day! 3
Colour Day! 4
Colour Day! 5
Colour Day! 6

November Class Talks

November Class Talks 1