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Room 17 - Mrs Hughes/Miss Pullan

Welcome to P4 Room 17


We hope you enjoy looking through all our pictures this year and that you enjoy seeing all the hard work taking place in Room 17. 

Please enjoy all our pictures below this P4 information.

*updated 21st October 2019*


Term One 2019/20


We would like to give you and your child a big welcome into Primary Four.  We hope our class have a fantastic year full of fun, but most importantly, full of learning.  Here is some information that you might like to know for the term ahead. 

Keep checking for new pictures of all the hard work and activities we will be doing in Room 17!


Please remember:

Tuesday- Music- bring your recorder

                School Library- bring book to be returned

Wednesday-Football- please wear PE kit with school jumper/cardigan.

Thursday- bring a PE kit to change into- black/navy jogging bottoms/shorts, white t-shirt and trainers

Wed and Fri- toast days 



In P4 we have spellings and tables to learn every week.  These are copied into our homework diaries on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  These are then tested on a Friday along with dictation sentences containing some of our sound words from that week and previous weeks.  Please look through these tests with your child and enjoy celebrating their successes.


Each night the children will have reading. In P4 we work our way through reading schemes such as Treetops 10 and 11 and Big Cat 10, 11, 12 and 13. These books really test the children's understanding of language, not just their fluency, and hopefully you will enjoy reading them with your child.  We also read novels offering differing levels of difficulty throughout the year.  The children are encouraged to read for pleasure both at home and in school. 


In September, we have one written homework a week on a Tuesday night - either Literacy or Numeracy.  This will increase to two written homeworks a week in October - one of each subject.  The children will not be given anything they haven't covered in class at a higher level. 



What Are We Learning This Term? 



Our main areas this term are: 

  • Handwriting- we are beginning to join up our writing using the Nelson Handwriting scheme - very exciting! 

  • Punctuation and grammar e.g. nouns, verbs and adjectives, capital letters and full stops

  • Reading- through reading group books, our class book 'The Lion and the Unicorn' and ERIC times

  • Phonics- silent letters and tricky words 

  • Comprehension skills- focusing on answering in a full, complete sentence 

  • Narrative writing- title, setting, characters, dilemma and resolution 



Our mains areas this term are: 

  • place value- tens and units 

  • magic circle addition 

  • decomposition (subtraction) 

  • 2D shape properties- including trapezium, parallelogram and rhombus

  • 3D shape properties


World Around Us 

Our topic this term is 'World War 2'. 

In this topic we will cover the following:

  • Leaders in WW2 

  • How the war started 

  • Evacuees 

  • Rationing 

  • VE Day 

 We will also explore our topic during Activity Based Learning, songs from the war and art work related to World War 2. 


We are looking forward to a very exciting year in Primary 4 and hope you enjoy visiting our page for further updates.  Thank you for all your support. 


Mrs Hughes and Miss Pullan


WW2 Activity Based Learning Session 2

Our class assembly

Our class assembly 1
Our class assembly 2
Our class assembly 3

Shared Education WW2 singalong

Shared Education WW2 singalong 1
Shared Education WW2 singalong 2
Shared Education WW2 singalong 3
Shared Education WW2 singalong 4
Shared Education WW2 singalong 5
Shared Education WW2 singalong 6

Amazing Journey Roadshow

World War 2 Activity Based Learning

Concentrating hard on decomposition!

Place Value work with digit cards

Our class 😀

Our class 😀 1
Our class 😀 2
Our class 😀 3
Our class 😀 4
Our class 😀 5
Our class 😀 6
Our class 😀 7
Our class 😀 8
Our class 😀 9
Our class 😀 10
Our class 😀 11
Our class 😀 12
Our class 😀 13
Our class 😀 14
Our class 😀 15
Our class 😀 16
Our class 😀 17
Our class 😀 18
Our class 😀 19
Our class 😀 20
Our class 😀 21
Our class 😀 22
Our class 😀 23
Our class 😀 24
Our class 😀 25
Our class 😀 26
Our class 😀 27
Our class 😀 28
Our class 😀 29
Our class 😀 30
Our class 😀 31

Our classroom 😀