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Room 20 - Mr McBride

Pastiche of Van Gogh

STEM Challenge - Catapults

In our STEM Challenge this week, we were studying structures. We were taught how to lash and how to do a Transom knot. We transferred these skills into our engineering project and constructed catapults. When they were completed, we then tested to see how different weights affected the distance that something travelled. The winning catapult fired a rubber 8.5m!


Here are some of the photos from our project :)

STEM Challenge - Forces Cars

Rivers and Bridges - Construction Challenge

As part of our WAU project on Rivers and Bridges, we have been studying various structures to see what makes them strong and sturdy. In this task we had to build a freestanding dome out of cocktail sticks and midget gems. All groups were successful, as you can see from the photos. The extension task required us to build as high a freestanding structure as possible. This was a difficult but very enjoyable task.

World Book Day


Well done to all the children who participated in World Book Day. Here are some of our pupils in their costumes. The standard was exceedingly high!



We had a fantastic STEM week, experimenting with dry-ice, designing bridges made out of paper as well as building 4-wheeled egg buggies. Here are some of the highlights of our STEM week.

Oliver Twist Hot Seating

Still image for this video
In our WAU topic on the Victorians, we have been looking at Famous Victorians. Charles Dickens was a very famous author during this period and we have studied his work, especially Oliver Twist. Using the film as a visual stimulus, we recorded different emotions, sights and sounds that Oliver would have experienced when he arrived in London. After discussions and planning our questions, we began to answer questions as if we were Oliver. This video showcases our work, we hope you enjoy it!

Victorian Artwork


Our current W.A.U topic is The Victorians. We have been looking at: Queen Victoria, the Empire, Children at Work and the Great Famine. We have also studied some Victorian silhouettes and made our own alternative versions using Microsoft Word. Editing the colours and changing the filters, we produced really fascinating pieces. We hope you enjoy our work.

Hello and welcome to Room 20.



We are always busy in our classroom learning lots of new facts on exciting topics and doing many fun activities. Please keep an eye on our page to keep up to date with all of the amazing things we do!




Mr McBride



The Christmas Truce Creative Writing



As part of our WAU we have been looking at WW1 and the Christmas Truce. We watched a short film on the Literacy Shed which showed events in the trench from Christmas Eve 1914 to Boxing Day 1914. After discussions and planning, we began our writing and focused on the feelings of the soldiers at different stages over the three days. Our writing was in the form of 'diary entries'. Here are some extracts of our work.




I could hear something coming from the other trench, I think it was singing. It was muffled at first but then it became clearer. The Germans were singing Silent Night. Bill joined in, then me. Soon enough the entire trench was singing. All but Charles, he had been shot in the lower jaw the previous night. He was curled up in a ball in the corner -  Jamie


The most extraordinary thing happened today! So, I woke up this morning remembering it was Christmas Day. I was yearning to interact with the Germans. So, I held my arms in the surrender position and cautiously stepped up onto no-mans land - Grace


After what felt like hours of fear, I saw another man from the opposite trench creep out like a fox and walk towards me. We shook hands and exchanged photos. He introduced himself ( his name was Otto). - Erin


I felt very sad and homesick. The facilities are horrible and I really miss my family - Jodie



We really enjoyed this lesson because:


The video helped me with my writing - Lucy


Because you got to see the events from the perspective of both characters - Jeri


It brought warmth to me -  Euan



ChrisMaths  Co-ordinates


We are getting into the Christmas mood in Room 20 and  have been completing different Problem Solving activities based on Christmas. We have completed a Numeracy task on the '12 Days of Christmas' which required us to work with patterns and triangular numbers.


Here are some photos of our ChrisMaths Co-ordinate work.

Picture 1