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Primary School

'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Room 8 - Mrs Hume

Welcome to Primary 3 Room 8.



We are Mrs Hume's Primary 3 class.

Our assistant is Ms Smyth.

Our classroom is Room 8.


Toast days are Monday and Thursday.

P.E day is Tuesday.

Football day is Wednesday.


Just watch the first part about Springhill House.

It has been another busy week in our class. Everyone is working so hard!

Our class have been really busy over the last few weeks completing lots of wonderful activities and celebrating birthdays too. Everyone looks very happy and that brings a big smile to my face! Keep the photos coming everyone!!! Love Mrs Hume xx

Hello everyone!


I hope you are all well and managed to get some school work done over the last few weeks.  As we are now enjoying the Easter holidays you can take a well-deserved break from school and spend more time with your families.  I hope you are all staying safe, keeping well and using your imaginations to think up some fun ways to spend your time.  I really miss seeing you every day in school and I hope to see you all soon.smiley


Love Mrs Hume x

Our class assembly was all about BULLYING.

Our new topic is all about Dinosaurs. We enjoy Activity Based Learning.

Tens and Units - carrying

World Book Day - Liz Weir a storyteller and writer from Northern Ireland came to visit. We all dressed up as a word!!!!

Tens and Units - Carrying

Leah was chosen by Sue to help her during the Science Show.

We have been really busy during STEM WEEK. We made minibeasts using play-doh and natural materials.

STEM WEEK - Making and testing boomerangs.

We have been estimating and measuring dinosaurs using cubes.

We saw lots of birds during our bird watch.

We made thaumatropes during the Toys Topic.

Time Game

Show and Tell - Favourite Toy

Sewing Teddy Puppets

Toys Topic - Activity Based Learning

Dienes Apparatus - Making numbers to 100

Light and Dark displays.


We enjoyed playing the Shape Game.

We enjoyed The Owl who was afraid of the Dark story.

Light and Dark Play

Christmas Assembly

Christmas around the World - Russia

Light and Dark topic - After listening to the story of the Rainbow Fish, we made our own Rainbow Fish.

In the Garden displays.

Chalk Poppies - We looked at the painting Poppy Flowers by Vincent van Gogh to draw our poppies.

Planting Bulbs

Show and Tell - Something Special

We enjoyed our trip to the Town Library. Molly read us some stories and we had a chance to read some books on our own.

Maths Time - We have been working with Cuisenaire to make the teen numbers and the story of 10. We have also enjoyed making pictures.

We painted the giant from the story, Jim and the Beanstalk.

We enjoyed sewing butterflies and decorating them.

Literacy - Oscar, Lola, Jackson and Aaron enjoyed playing The Rhyme Hide game.

Football - Kyle is our football coach. We had great fun on our first day playing games and working with the balls.

Money - We have been counting coins and putting out amounts up to 10p.

Art - We used our fingers to paint hydrangeas.

Our topic is In the Garden - Activity Based Learning

Our Class