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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Room 9 - Mrs McAuley/Mrs Logan

Welcome to P3 Mrs McAuley and Mrs Logan.

We hope you enjoy finding out about what we do in P3.

Just watch the first part about Springhill House.

Thank you so much for sending us some of your photos of you working hard and having fun at home. We are loving seeing some of your lovely faces again!

Hello everyone!


We hope you are all well and managed to get some school work done over the last few weeks.  As we are now enjoying the Easter holidays you can take a well-deserved break from school and spend time with your families.  We hope you are all staying safe, keeping well and using your imaginations to think up some fun ways to spend your time.  We really miss seeing you in school and we hope to see you all soon. smiley


Love Mrs McAuley and Mrs Logan xx

World Book Day - don't we look fabulous! Liz Weir is a local author, we enjoyed listening to her.

STEM Challenge- who can fill the dog first?

Wee Critters came into school and we had fun holding lots of different animals.

We designed minibeasts using playdough and natural materials, such fun!

Stem Week - Boomerangs

Stem Week - Testing Cars - Will a steeper ramp make a car travel further?

Our results showed that YES the steeper ramp did make the car travel further!

Then we made our own.

Show and Tell - Our Toys

Bird Watch 2020

We produced these lovely Christmas pictures on the computer.

We have been reading The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. We used crayons to draw Plop the Owl!

Christmas Activity Based Learning!

We have been writing our own poems. Enjoy reading them!

Christmas Around the World - We hope you enjoyed it!!

A fabulous time at the town library! So many books to read!!!!

We took assembly. Such fun! we acted out the story of creation. we ALL had a part and we ALL had lines to say throughout the assembly.


We made these beautiful butterflies. We had to sew! Stuff! Embellish! They are beautiful!!

Our fabulous assembly about 'Creation'.

We loved talking about God and His amazing world.

We acted out the story on stage.

In the Garden Play Based Learning

Show and Tell

We love football days!

We had fun building with our cuisenaire!

"Here is Mrs McAuley!!"

"I built a house."

"This is a smiley face."

"This is a rose."

"Here is my new pet rabbit."

"We built a staircase."

Our First Day in Primary Three. Don't we look smart!!

Working hard and having fun!