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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 1

Sponsored Activity: Nonstop Rounders.

Jovi and Owen were our two team captains. Everyone enjoyed the activity, which helped to raise money for the RVH for Sick Children.


Japanese Cherry Blossom.

There are some very talented artists in our class. Enjoy their individual interpretations of the painting!


We wrote poems, using similes. They are on display in our classroom. Browse the photos and enjoy our imaginative writing!

"Hotseating" in Room 12.

This term, we are reading, "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit," by Judith Kerr. It is a marvellous novel, which is semi-autobiographical and describes the story of the author and her family's flight from Germany, to escape the rule of Hitler and the Nazi Party. The family lived as refugees, in Switzerland and France, before finally settling in England, where Judith Kerr became an established writer, who created the "Mog" series and "The Tiger who came to Tea."

Some of the pupils sat in the "hotseat" and answered questions posed by other members of the class, in the persona of either Anna or Max. The children asked probing questions and received intelligent replies, which showed that everyone understands the story so far!

Have a look at the photos of this activity!


In the Hotseat!