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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 1

Christmas Jumper Day

On our last day of term we wore our Christmas Jumpers.

Thank you for all donations to Save the Children Fund. Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas Countdown-The Nativity
We loved practising and performing the Nativity for our Christmas Assembly. Here are some photos of us all dressed up as the characters from the Nativity.

Aliens and Monsters Love Underpants

We loved listening to these stories and then enjoyed painting lots of weird and wonderful creatures with very funky pants!

Autumn Leaves.

We made patterns and sorted leaves in different ways.

Then we made the most amazing leaf pictures.

Maths Time

Cuisenaire is made up of 10 different coloured rods of varying lengths. We use it to help us with lots of Maths concepts.


Remembrance Day

This week we enjoyed finding out about Remembrance Day and making poppies during

Play Based Learning.