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Digital Genius

The Digital Geniuses are a team of 9 Primary 7 pupils who have been selected to provide assistance and share their extensive knowledge of ICT with their peers throughout the school. As the world of IT continues to grow, the team participate in training workshops inside and outside of school to help continue to develop their knowledge and skills. The Digital Genius team currently work alongside the Apple Geniuses in Victoria Square and hope to establish a link with other organisations such as the NERVE Centre in Belfast in the near future.


All 9 members of the team have been working extremely hard since November, assisting Foundation Stage children with Beebots and Key Stage 1 children with robotics through Spheros. The team's knowledge covers a vast array of software and hardware. Over the past few months, the Digital Geniuses have been helping Primary 5 children develop their research skills on Google to find information about Egyptians; whilst in Primary 6 they have been sharing some interesting and impressive features on PowerPoint.