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Primary School

'Start Right to Shine Bright'


Our current School Governors are -


Honorary Secretary to Board of Governors
Mr I Gourley

Parents' Representatives

Mrs J Bell

Mrs L Thornton


Transferor Representatives

Mrs A Connolly
Ven Dr S McBride (Chairperson)

Rev C McDowell

Mrs L Robinson


Teacher Representative
Mr G Hill


Board Representatives

Mrs B Black (Child Protection)

Dr I Erskine (Vice-Chairperson)



The Role of the School Governor

“The role of the Board of Governors is to manage the school with a view to providing the best possible education and educational opportunities for all of the pupils.  This involves:

  • setting the strategic direction for the school;
  • taking corporate decisions in relation to the statutory functions of the Board of Governors”.

(Every School a Good School – The Governors’ Role)

The role of the Governor, together with the Principal and the staff of the school is to contribute to the process of school improvement.  It is important that Governors are aware of this role and can fulfil this role by:

  • becoming more knowledgeable about the school and the education system within Northern Ireland;
  • attending properly convened meetings and being prepared for meetings by reading reports and documents relating to school improvement;
  • being aware of and becoming familiar with procedures and guidelines which have been developed on various school issues such as appointments of staff, health and safety and child protection and safeguarding issues;
  • having a knowledge and understanding of the vision for the school through the school’s development plan and the financial plan;
  • having a good working relationship with the Principal, staff, parents, pupils and fellow Governors.

The skills, experience and attributes that Governors gain and develop in their working lives are an invaluable asset to the responsibilities undertaken as school Governors.