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Term 3

A beautiful morning for some Outdoor Play! ☀️

Scientific Sue. We started our STEAM Week with a science show. It was really magical and lots of fun! Mrs Neill even got to go up onto the stage to help.

As part of our Forest Schools we went outside to collect some things from our school grounds and then made a picture linked to our topic, Spring on the Farm.

We had the laptops this morning to do some coding and programming.

STEAM WEEK- Rosie’s Hat. We read the story about Rosie’s Hat and made our own weather vane the see the direction and force of the wind in different areas of our school.

STEAM WEEK - Maths Challenge. We completed some maths activities in groups.

STEAM WEEK- We had to design and make a vehicle 🚗 that could carry a bar of chocolates 🍫

STEAM Week - Humpty Dumpty Challenge 🥚. Humpty Dumpty needs a new coat to prevent his egg shell from! We carried out an experiment using different materials. We dropped the egg surrounded by each material to see which would protect him best. We tried rice, cotton wool, hard sweeties and bubble wrap. We talked about a fair test and dropped it at the same height onto the same part of the ground each time. We were quite surprised by some results.