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Minecraft Lockdown Challenges

Below are some fantastic Minecraft Challenges to enjoy. When you have finished a challenge, please take a photo of your work and send it, via Seesaw, to your teacher. We look forward to seeing your work :)


Don't have Minecraft at home? Don't worry about it! You can download Minecraft Education from the following link: Minecraft Education. Once you have the software downloaded, log in using your c2k username , for example, . If you are unsure about your C2K username, contact your teacher on SeeSaw and they will be able to assist you. Happy building!


Week 1 - Pixel Portraits

Pixel art goes all the way back to the 1970s, and is making a comeback in video games, illustration and colouring books. Pictures are constructed from pixels, like a digital mosaic. Using blocks in Minecraft, we would like you to create your own self portrait and upload a photo of your finished work.


Week 2 - Architecture Challenge

This week we would like you to select a building from anywhere in the world. Once you have selected a building, you have the task of recreating a model in Minecraft. We cannot wait to see some of your finished pieces of work!


Week 3 - Patterns, Repetition and Rhythm

Patterns are all around us, in the designed and natural world. We would like you to create your own pattern on Minecraft. Let your imagination run wild!


Week 4 - Sculpture Garden

We would like you to create a sculpture for your garden. This could be anything from an avocado to a sculpture of a zebra! Once again, let your imagination run wild, showcase your creativity in this challenge!


Week 5 - Castle Challenge

Ever wanted to live in a castle? Well this week you have the job of creating your very own castle. Be creative but don't forget to keep your castle protected at all times! Don't forget the moat around the outside to help keep your enemies away. We cannot wait to see all of your finished castles!



Minecraft Challenges