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Primary School

'Start Right to Shine Bright'

School Ethos, Aims & Vision

Our Ethos

In Antrim PS we aim to ensure a happy, safe and secure environment where mutual respect is nurtured and where each child can develop intellectually and physically to the maximum of his/her potential. As a staff we aim to work, in partnership with parents, to deliver high quality teaching and learning and provide pupils with a wide range of experience and opportunities, both within and beyond the classroom, which will enable them to fully develop their individual talents and abilities. We expect each of our pupils to work hard, behave well and play an active part in school life.

Antrim PS is a happy, inclusive and child-centred school where all members of the school community are valued and they, along with parents and members of the wider community, have an important contribution to make to the life, work and success of our school.


Our Aims

1. Acquire skills, knowledge and practical abilities within all curriculum areas and the confidence to use them independently.

2. Develop communication skills appropriate to all areas of the curriculum.

3. Develop an enquiring mind.

4. Develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values, beliefs and moral standards.

5. Appreciate and take an active interest in the local and global environment.

6. Develop a sense of : self-respect, self-discipline and self-confidence; respect/tolerance for others and their opinions; good manners; caring and responsibility towards all living things.

7. Prepare for teenage and adult life re home, health, work, leisure and as a responsible citizen and consumer.

8. Develop knowledge of the Bible and follow the principles of Christian Ethics.

9. Work and play collaboratively in harmony and mutual understanding with fellow pupils from all cultures and children from other schools.

10. Be a responsible member of the local community.


Our Vision

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, in line with our statutory requirements and delivered in a warm, caring, stimulating and secure environment, where every child is encouraged to achieve their potential.


Our Motto

Start Right to Shine Bright