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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 1

We had a great time today at the pantomime watching Robin Hood.

We took a walk to Windrush to look at different types of houses. We found detached, semi-detached and town houses.

Our Christmas Fun Day! We went to see Santa and got who gave us all a lovely present. We played party games and had a movie afternoon with crisps and juice. We had the best day, it was so much fun!

We have been very busy making lots of Christmas crafts. We are very excited to show our families the things we have made.

We had a fashion parade in our Christmas Jumpers with the P1’s today. We had a fun Christmas Dane too! Lots of fun!

We were 'Stars' in our Christmas Performance of 'Census Sum'. We were amazing!

Odd Socks Day! We came to school wearing odd socks to remind us how wonderful it is that we are all unique. We are all different. We were reminded how good it is to show kindess to each other. We talked about how it hurts our feelings on the inside if someone is unkind, it can hurt us just like it hurt Mrs Neill's apple under the skin each time we were not kind to it. We made and decorated odd socks to remind us how important it is to be our wonderful selves and to be kind to each other.

During Numeracy we have been making patterns. We made some patterns with pink and white marshmallows and some of us wanted to add in yummy blueberries too. The best part was we got to eat them after making the pattern.

We had a lovely surprise before half term holidays. We made pumpkins in school during Art but then we got to take a real pumpkin home.

We had a wonderful day today meeting our new friends from St. Comgalls Primary School. We played with them outside and then stayed to have their snack with us. We really enjoyed our day.

We had a Halloween Taskboard today. We got to move around all of the tables to complete different activities. All of these activites were fun and they help us get reading for reading and writing. We got to read books, make cards, trace a castle and use pipettes to transfer water back and forth like an experiment.

We had a circle time and had a little discussion about what we would like to be or do when we are older. We made a list of lots of wonderful jobs! We then drew this in our World Around Us Topic booklets.

A list of jobs we would like to do when we are older.

We have been busy of the last couple of weeks. We made pumpkin faces and had to cut lots of pieces out very carefully. We think the look really good.

Fun Friday activity! We made little spiders from plasticine. We had to draw the web with black felt-tip pen. After this we had to count carefully to make sure there were 4 legs on each side to make 8 legs altogeher. We think we spiders are very cute.

For Fun Friday today we played the Hungry Hippos Game in PE. We had to sort for colour and count how many we got at the end. We had great fun. This was a fun maths week activity.

We collected lots of brown leaves from our school grounds and made some hedgehogs during Art.

Our Autumn walk to Castle Grounds. We had a great time and went on a scavenger hunt to find some signs of Autumn. πŸ‚πŸ‚ We also saw some Evergreen Trees 🌲, they don’t lose their leaves during Autumn or Winter. Some of the volunteers at Castle Grounds were very kind and gave us some seeds and bulbs to plant for Spring.

For our World Around Us topic we went on a tour of our school and saw many things on our way. We met some teachers, saw the staffroom but the most exciting place we wanted to see was Mr Gourley's office.

We have been gathering information to put into our survey and then graph. We made a pictogram today with our eye colour. We each coloured in one eye to represent our eye colour and put it on a graph Mrs Neill made outside. We saw that brown was the highest number with 13 and most popular eye colour in our class. Green was the least popular with just 1 picture. We had to snap the photos quickly, so the wind didn't blow our lovely graph away.

The class all had a chance to act out any parts they wished during Play Based Learning. The children loved this and we have some budding actors and actresses in Room 1.

The Story of Baaboom! Told by the children.

Our Maths Topic is all about Pattern. We sorted for pattern and not pattern.

Our very first Literacy Tasks. We concentrated really well and completed all of our tasks. We are learning lots of skills.

Our first time going to the hall for PE. We played some 'space training' games. We were very good at changing into our PE shoes.

Humpty Dumpty came to visit our classroom. We talked about why Humpty Dumpty might have fallen off the wall and we decided that we would be able to put him back together again. He was so happy he came and sat at our tables.

Our topic is Myself and my School. We started by learning about our facial features. We talked about our faces and looked in the mirrors. We then drew our faces with pencil and black pen. At the end of the week we made our faces using Plasticine.

We are all in this together! We had a lovely morning meeting our whole class. We played and completed a lovely task using our special names.

Our very first task in P1. We took Peter pencil for a walk. Mrs Neill was very proud of us!