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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 2

Welcome to Room 22


Our PE is on a Friday, remember to wear your PE kit each Friday. Dark coloured bottoms, white polo shirt and a school jumper.


This term we will finish off a little of our 'Viking' topic before starting our new topic of 'Space’

We will learn about;

- The Solar System

- Earth, Sun, Moon

- Earth and Space

- What a year is

- The Lunar Cycle

- Rockets




We will be learning;

- Onomatopoeia

- Simile and Metaphor

- Apostrophe to show possession 

- Apostrophe to show contraction

- Prefix and Suffix

- Comprehension Skills

- Writing a poem - Magic Box

- Spellings



We will be Learning;

- Timetables

- Time Word Problems

- Fractions

- Money

- Decimals

- Multiplication and Division Facts 

- Mental Arithmetic 


We have lots of fun in Room 22 and work very hard. 

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