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Why Do We Fundraise?

The PTA are committed to raising money for the direct benefit of the children at our school. In the main, PTA funds are for the extras, not provided for in the school budget, that enhance the children’s experience at school. The funds raised are distributed via agreement at our regular committee meetings.


Sometimes, the funds are directed towards a specific item such as new playground equipment, classroom iPads or interactive panels. At other times, the money will go towards improving a particular area of the curriculum or school environment.


Over the past two years, the PTA has helped to provide additional and much needed classroom resources and run numerous fun days for the children, including Santa Day and the P7 Hoedown.  


This year our fundraising efforts are focused on raising enough money to purchase new interactive panels for the classrooms. These panels have become an integral part of the pupils’ education. However, in order to purchase the panels, the PTA need to raise a considerable sum (£1700 per board). All support is welcome to help us achieve this ambitious goal!