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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 2

Welcome to Room 7


Our PE is on a Monday, remember to wear your PE kit each Monday. Dark coloured bottoms, white polo shirt and a school jumper.


We are currently finishing off our Viking topic and will soon be moving on to learning about space!


This term our topic is 'Space’

We will learn about;

- The Solar System

- The size of the Sun, Moon and Earth

- The Earth's rotation 

- The Earth's orbit

- How the Moon reflects sunlight




We will be learning;

- Gender

- Onomatopoeia 

- Simile and Metaphor

- Apostrophe to show possession 

- Apostrophe to show contraction

- Comprehension skills

- Inference 

- Spellings

- Prefix and Suffix



We will be Learning;

- Fractions

- Calendar

- Money

- Problem solving

- Mental Arithmetic 




We have lots of fun in Room 7 and work very hard. laugh

Our Term 2 Stars of the Week

World Book Day in our jammies, ready for a story from the author, Marianne McShane

Our fun Shared Education trip with St Comgalls

Room 7 pupils working hard to create Viking homes using Minecraft.