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School Council

The School Council comprises of pupils from P5, P6 and P7, who have been voted onto the council by their classmates, to represent their year group. The children participate in meeting with the PDMU co-ordinator every half term. At these meetings, the children and the PDMU co-ordinator discuss issues which are prevalent in the school and suggest ways in which they can be resolved or improved. This year, the focus has been on keeping the school building tidy. A number of strategies have been introduced and key areas have been targeted for improvement.


Members of the School Council also act as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. They have received training in this field, through the Diana Awards. As the pupils are aware of verbal, physical and mental bullying, they keep a watchful eye on all playground activities, to ensure that none of this takes place.


The pupils appear to enjoy being members of the School Council. It gives them a chance to take responsibility for things which are happening in their school and to implement their ideas. Membership changes every September, when P7 pupils move to their next school and others are given a chance to hold this important position.