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Term 2

Some lovely Easter play activities, we were exploring how the chick and bunny moved. We had an Easter egg hunt and the children we very good at counting their eggs and matching words and sounds. We enjoyed some more crafts and construction. After all of this we had a lovely picnic for our snack with our classroom bunny Carrots.

We made some Easter chicks in school. We used tissue paper and put a nice pattern on the shells.

We were learning a little bit about St. Patrick. We listening to a story about him and how he tried to help lots of people understand more about God. We made a Shamrock collage to remind us of him and his work. We looked a pictures of how people in lots of countries celebrate St Patrick on March 17th.

This term were are very busy learning new words, writing and counting. We have lots of different types of activities to help us.

A few photos from PBL activities during our Winter Wonderland topic. We painted penguins, learned about the Arctic and Antarctica and about the animals. We tried to made Igloo's from 'ice blocks' and turned our houses corner in to an Igloo and went ice fishing. We had lots of crafts, drawing and writing along the way.

We have enjoyed using some small apparatus outside for PE time.

We had a great day celebrating World Book Day. We came to school in our PJ's for a big bedtime read. We enjoyed play with our stories, listened to stories and talked about our favourite books and characters.

We have started to learn about our senses. Today was all about our sense of 'taste'. We looked at our tongues and tried to see our taste buds. We had an experiment with different types of food to see what we liked and didn't like. Some foods were sour, sweet, bitter and salty. We liked different things.

We had a wonderful morning with our Buddies form St. Comgalls Primary School. We played with them and had our snack together.

We had Noel in school today from ARC 21. He came in to tell us a little bit about recycling. We got to smell what a landfill site is like. It was not nice at all. We heard about lots of different things that can be recycled and the things they can be turned into. We saw cards, bags, pencil toppers, cuddly toys and more. We then used newspaper to make a pot. We used some compost that had been recylced and Noel gave us some crest seeds to sow.

We had a great day dressing up as Superheroes. We talked about how superheroes help and show kindness and how we can be like this without a cape or costume.

We made Valentines Cards ♥️ We love you to pieces! Mrs Neill said our writing was amazing 🌟

We love going to our school library 📚 We get to take books home too!

A snapshot of some activities from our Literacy based Taskboard activities this term. We are using our sounds to blend and make words. We are learning our key words and practicing our handwriting. We love all the different types of activities. We really loved ‘tummy time’ with our key words.

A few of our activities from Numeracy Time this term. We also had games games week trying out lots of number based games. We had so much fun!

A few photos from some of our Play Based Learning this term.

We had a wonderful day watching Snow White from M&M Productions. Mrs Neill and Mrs Jamison even got involved.

We went outside for our Big Schools' Bird Watch. We then had a Bird Watch related taskboard. Later we coloured our favourite birds and we are going to write about our experience and paint or bird during Play Based Learning.

We started our Winter Art. We are painting ourselves wrapped up for Winter weather. ❄️ 🧤 🧣 We have to add the details next.

We went outside for a little experiment. We wanted to see if the bubbles would freeze in the cold air or ground. We noticed the bubbles had beautiful colours but that they floated a lot longer and actually some changed to a white colour the longer it stayed in the air. The bigger bubbles lasted longer in the air too. We also then just had a little fun and pretended they were snowflakes ❄️ ❄️⛄️

A great time in the snow yesterday. We took out paintbrushes and wrote lots of things. We wrote our names, letters, numbers and some shapes. ❄️🖌 It was perfect timing to complete our snowman jigsaw when we got back to class. ⛄️⛄️

We have started our new World Around Topic 'Winter Wonderland'. The first thing we look at is Winter weather. We took a walk outside to look at our tress during winter. Lots had no leaves and were brown. Not colourful at all. We came back in and painted tress in Winter time and added a little bit of snow.