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Eco Club


Eco Club


The Eco committee meets each Tuesday afternoon and display issues and events on the Eco Schools’ noticeboard. 

The ten topics for Eco-Schools in Northern Ireland are: Litter; Waste; Healthy Living; School grounds; Water; Transport; Biodiversity; Energy; Global Perspective and Climate Change but not all of these have to be covered each year.



The litter topic aims to raise awareness of the impact of litter on our environment. We continue to work towards having a litter free school and the problem of litter in school grounds continues to improve. 



Each class continues to use their class recycle bins. We also encourage pupils to have healthy breaks especially fresh fruit as all the waste is recycled. Pupils take responsibility for the recycle bins and collecting fruit waste. 

Some classes were given the opportunity to visit the Arc21 bus. The education officer helps pupils to learn about why they need to recycle in school and at home.



Members of the Eco committee designed energy saving posters and placed these around school to remind everyone to turn off lights and electrical appliances went not in use.