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Primary School

'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 1

Light and Dark displays.

Cinema Trip ๐ŸŽ„

Shared Education. We had a great morning meeting up with our friends to make a Christmas Tree ๐ŸŽ„

We used mirrors to find the pictures which were symmetrical.

Christmas Jumper Day.

Activity Based Learning- Light and Dark

We made 2d shapes using straws and pipe cleaners.

In the Garden displays.

We enjoyed playing the Apple Tree Game.

We have been learning how to write instructions.

Planting Bulbs

Poppies by Vincent Van Gogh

Shared Education - Our trip to the Castle Grounds

Box sums using cuisenaire.

Art - We painted giants from the story โ€˜Jim and the Beanstalkโ€™.

Activity Based Learning - In the Garden

Money - We are working with money to 20p

We used the app Photo Booth to make our pictures.

PlaySport NI - dodgeball

Finger painting- hydrangeas