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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 1

🎨 Look at our amazing Christmas pictures! We created these using MS Paint. 🎨

Anti-bullying week

Odd Socks Day for Anti-bullying Week

Hridhan helped us to learn about Diwali today. We read a lovely story about a family celebrating this festival, then created beautiful Rangoli patterns.

✏️ We are planning our own narratives, including a dilemma and resolution. ✏️

We are learning to use decomposition to subtract TU. 😊

✏️ Maths Week- we took part in an online lesson on patterns in the 100 square. It was great fun! ✏️

Dot Art - "Make a mark and see where it takes you"

📚 Narrative writing- we are working hard on analysing the features of a narrative.

😊 Our first day in P4! 😊