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Term 2

super STEM activities

We are coming to the end of our dinosaur topic. This week we have been working really hard on these dinosaur poems. It took us a couple of literacy sessions. We worked together to collect lots of dinosaur words. Then we used a ‘helping hand’ to each chose words for our own poem. We read our poems one way, and then the other before deciding which we liked best. The next session was spent writing out our poems and reading them to the class. We told each other what we liked about our poems. We all enjoyed the process. We hope you enjoy reading our poems.

Outdoor Maths. We took our learning outdoors. We sorted animals using a Venn Diagram.

We’ve had great fun during Teddy Week.

We are having fun learning to tell the time!

We have been doing calendar work, then we designed our own calendars for 2022.