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Term 3

Our last play date in P1 with our friends from St Comgall’s. We enjoyed outdoor play , a lovely story and snack with our friends before returning to school ☺️

Best Day Ever....We opened up the Ice Cream Shop and got to buy an ice cream with sauce and sprinkles. It was a lovely Friday Treat! 🍦


Our Class Trip to Streamvale Farm. The boys and girls all had a lovely day at the Farm. We got to go on a tractor ride, feed the animals, pet some chicks, bunnies and cuddly puppies. We learnt more about Frisian cows and the journey of milk. There was a lot of tired faces on the bus journey home.

Forest Schools ...We like to take our learning outdoors whenever we can....Our new topic is Spring on the Farm. We collected materials and worked in pairs to create a Farmyard picture.

STEAM WEEK - Maths Challenge. We had a Maths relay race practising our counting skills. We were in three teams and each had a team captain. We had to count towers of multi-link, count beanbags and jump and count to 8. It was really good fun.

STEAM WEEK - Art Challenge. We have been learning about forces this week. We wanted to paint without using paint brushes...but how could we move the paint? We decided we could blow the paint using straws. We had great fun using pippettes to drop paint on the page and then blowing it to create different shapes. Then we used pens and eyes to turn them into Monsters! We think they look fab!

STEAM CHALLENGE - Rosie’s Hat. Science Investigation....we have been learning about forces and how things move. We read the story Rosie’s Hat by Julia Donaldson and made a wind streamer to test the wind direction.

STEAM Week - ICT 💻 we loved learning the different programmes on Jit5. We had a go at coding and drawing some pictures ☺️

STEAM Week - Humpty Dumpty Challenge 🥚🎵. Humpty Dumpty needs a new coat to prevent his egg shell from cracking when he falls !! We carried out an experiment using different materials in a bag along with an egg, dropped the egg to see which would protect him best !! We tried rice, cotton wool, hard sweeties and bubble wrap. Which do you think worked best ❓🤔

STEAM WEEK - Engineering Challenge - We had to plan and design a vehicle that could carry and move a chocolate bar. We have to test it to make sure that it worked so we had fun racing them in the corridor. Of course we got to eat our chocolate as a wee treat for all our hard work!

STEAM Week - Science Show with Scientist Sue. 👩🏼‍🔬 What a brilliant start to our STEAM week - Scientist Sue showed us lots of amazing experiments and we learned lots about how the world works.