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'Start Right to Shine Bright'

Term 2

STEM DAY 4 - Today our challenge was to colour the flags different ways by only using two colours.

STEM DAY 3 - Today we built vehicles using egg cartons. Then we tested them down a ramp to see how far they went.

STEM DAY 2 - Today we got to design and make a minibeast using natural materials and play dough. We also completed a Maths challenge called ‘Fill the dog’, using our problem solving skills. Finally we got to test out our Boomerangs, it was great fun!

STEM DAY 1 - Today we enjoyed a fantastic science show with Scientific Sue! We also got to make our own Boomerangs which we will test out later in the week.

DINOSAUR TALK! Mrs Thornton came to visit us. She talked to us about Archaeology, fossils and dinosaurs. We really enjoyed listening to her!

DINOSAURS! 🦕 We painted some dinosaurs, then thought of some great adjectives to describe them. We think they look BRILLIANT!!

DINOSAURS 🦖We are really enjoying our Activity Based Learning on our new topic!

World Book Day in our jammies!

We enjoyed our visit from Northern Irish author, Marianne McShane.

We drew someone we like to read with reading our favourite story.

Teddy Week! We enjoyed playing some games with our teddies during PE, and then wrote about and drew our teddies in class.

Our Lego Self Portraits

We made some Pinocchios with moving parts. Aren’t they fabulous?

We enjoyed our birdwatch this week. We spotted blackbirds, seagulls, a robin, a blue tit and some magpies. We also saw an aeroplane!!

Crazy Clocks Game - Learning about Time