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Antrim Festival 2016

7th June 2016





Dear Parent


This year’s parade will take place this Friday evening (10th June) and we would love as many of our pupils (and parents!) as possible to take part.


The arrangements are as follows:-


  • We will be meeting at the grass area at the bottom of the Greystone Road at 5.45pm.


  • The Parade starts at the Top of The Town roundabout at 6.00pm. We would ask that parents accompany us on our journey through the town.


  • The theme for this year will be Rio Olympics 2016.The aim is to have a sea of colour and wall of noise moving through the town.We suggest that APS pupils adopt a ‘Cheerleader’ theme. Feel free to bring small ‘musical instruments’ along - drums, tambourines etc!


  • The Parade will make its way through the town to the Old Courthouse Square where you are welcome to remain as a family for the entertainment.


    As the largest school in the area, it would be fantastic to see a good turnout at this fun event!


    We look forward to seeing you on Friday evening.


    I Gourley