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Information For Parents 2015 - 2016



We place great emphasis on the importance of these areas. A number of policies are in place which are reviewed and revised regularly e.g. Bullying, Child Protection.  These policies can be viewed on the school web site.  A hard copy is available from the School Office.




Designated Teacher                     Mr Gourley

Deputy Designated Teacher      Mrs McGlaughlin

Designated Governor                  Mr Simpson


If you have any concerns regarding any aspect of Safeguarding please report them immediately to any of the above named persons.

You will appreciate that the safety and wellbeing of your child is our paramount concern, and we were pleased that our recent Inspection Report (May 2013) acknowledged that “the school has comprehensive arrangements in place for safeguarding pupils”. We thank you in anticipation of your support for the measures below.



Morning and afternoon drop off/pick up times are exceptionally busy.  Whilst continuing to maintain our school as a welcoming environment for all, we would encourage you to drop your child(ren) off at the school gate/door and allow them to come into school unaccompanied.  FOR YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY parents and other adults should not approach classrooms directly.  If necessary, a brief message for your child’s teacher can be left with Mrs Monahan at the School Office, or a meeting can be requested.  If you are collecting your child early, or bringing them late to school, please report to the School Office in the first instance.  Parents should not go directly to classrooms.

Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time each morning and knows exactly what his/her home time arrangements are (e.g. being collected, travelling by bus) and are collected on time.  We advise children to return to their teacher or the school office if for some reason they are not collected after school.



Please contact the Office to make us aware of a child’s absence.  If no reason for absence has been given parents will be asked to complete an absentee note.  We appreciate notification of any likely prolonged absences.  Advance notice from parents is also required should pupils need to leave school during normal school hours.  We would remind parents that holidays should be taken during school closures.  It should be noted that if holidays are taken during term time, staff are unable to provide work for pupils in advance.


As the children start back to school it is fantastic to see them looking so well in their school uniforms.  We would seek to maintain these high standards of personal presentation throughout the year and ask you to ensure that proper school uniform is worn by your child(ren) at all times.  This would include the wearing of completely black footwear which should be changed for PE.  Please note that coloured trainers are not appropriate.  Thank you in anticipation of your support.




We are required to have written details signed by parents before any medicines are administered by staff or by the child themselves.  We also need to know if children carry their own inhalers. Forms are available from the Office.


Parents are reminded to keep us informed of any changes in their child’s health.  Please do not send your child to school if he/she is feeling unwell.

We have some pupils who can suffer a severe reaction to nuts or products containing nuts.  We need your support in keeping our lunchboxes and snacks free from nuts and other such related products e.g. peanut butter, Nutella.  Treats From Home – again because of the increasing number of children in school who can suffer a severe reaction to nuts or nut related products, we would ask you NOT to send treats in from home, such as cakes, buns or sweets.


JEWELLERY – Following a recent review of Health and Safety procedures by staff and Governors and in an effort to make our school environment as safe as possible for all our children, we would request that no child wears jewellery to school.  Earrings, necklaces, rings and watches in particular pose a risk of injury if caught or pulled, both in the playground and during PE/games.  Please do not get your child’s ears pierced between September and June.  If your child has recently had their ears pierced we would ask you to inform the school and, if possible, cover their earrings with latex free sticking plaster until they can be removed. Children will not be able to participate in PE until earrings are removed.   Your co-operation in this matter is very much appreciated.  


PE - Please also note that pupils should not wear loose items of clothing which would cause injury if caught on apparatus. For PE lessons we feel from P4 upwards a white polo shirt with shorts (any colour) and gym shoes would be most appropriate.

For PE lessons a change of footwear is essential.  School shoes must be worn on PE days and trainers or gym shoes put on for PE. 

At key times during the school year (Harvest, Christmas etc) the school hall is used for rehearsal.  This may cause some disruption to PE lessons.


From time to time parents alert us to an instance of head lice in the family.  Please continue to check regularly and, if necessary, treat accordingly.  The Health Authority no longer issue class letters to parents - if parents have a concern they should contact the school nurse at their health centre.  Advice leaflets are available on request from the Office.

Antrim Primary School operates a non-smoking policy throughout the school premises and grounds.  We would ask adults to please support us as we encourage the children not to smoke in later years – No Smoking Please.




We appreciate that traffic congestion on Station Road is a serious problem at school times.  Please exercise extreme caution if driving or a pedestrian.   As part of a general safety audit, we asked Health and Safety Officers from the Education Authority to review parking in the school grounds.  In the interest of children’s safety, they recommended that NO PARKING be allowed within the school grounds at set down and pick up. Whilst I am aware that this may cause inconvenience, I’m sure you will agree that children’s safety must take precedence. 

Please do not park in the Social Services car park – this is a private car park.  Parking on the Tesco side of Station Road is prohibited and can cause danger to families/children crossing the road.  Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Due to the heavy traffic, cycling to/from School can be very dangerous for pupils. In the interests of pupils’ safety we would strongly advise that bicycles and scooters be left at home unless children are accompanied by an adult.  If they are brought into school, children should dismount outside the school gates and walk down the path.  The school is unable to accept any responsibility for loss, damage, or injury.

DOGSIn the interests of children’s safety dogs are not permitted in the school grounds.




In Antrim Primary School the vast majority of pupils are well behaved at all times - a fact which greatly enhances the family atmosphere within our school.  In fact our recent inspection report (May 2013) described the children’s behaviour as ‘exemplary’.  Please reinforce the importance of good behaviour at home.  Classroom Rules have been drawn up with the children and they are made aware of the Reward system in use in their class.  Should any child give cause for concern we will continue our policy of contacting parents and together we can hopefully reverse such a situation as quickly as possible.  A system of detention at playtimes will operate for occasions when behaviour is causing problems.  Parents will be notified if this does not bring about an improvement.  Bullying of any description is not tolerated and all staff work closely with the children to prevent it.




Please help us by returning library books promptly.  Reading or text books which may have been borrowed in previous years should be returned to the class teacher.




As many children are wearing jumpers/cardigans with Antrim Primary School’s logo, it is essential that these are clearly labelled.   P.E. kit and other possessions such as lunch boxes, purses, wallets etc. should also be clearly named.




Children have a break mid-morning.  We encourage children to bring fresh fruit and other healthy snacks such as wheaten bread or other bread products and milk or water to drink.  Toast is available to purchase two mornings per week.




In the past books and clothing have been damaged from leaking or spraying drinks.  Please do not send fizzy drinks or glass bottles to school.  Children may bring plastic bottles of water to class if desired.  Drinks should be kept separate from books etc.




Check book bags for notes every day and retain information notes.  Our web site also contains extensive information about school life -





These are used only with the permission of staff and/or parents.  A permission slip is sent out annually.  Photographs taken by staff on school cameras are retained in school.


Photographs of school and classroom events may be uploaded onto the school website without names or any form of identification.


The school does not take responsibility for photographs/videos film taken at school events such as sports days.





Pupils should not use mobile phones AT ANY TIME during the school day.  If phones are brought to school they should be switched off at all times and kept securely in schoolbags.  School is not liable for any mobile phone brought onto school premises.


Parents are advised to monitor all phone calls/texts/emails etc in the best interest of their child’s safety. 





Internet access during the school day will be supervised by teaching staff.  A strict policy is in place and all families will be asked to sign an agreement.  Advice to pupils and staff regarding internet policy is given periodically.  Parents are strongly advised to supervise home internet use by children at all times and are reminded that social networking sites such as Facebook usually have an age limit in order to register and use the site (13 years old in the case of Facebook).  If instances of inappropriate use of social networking sites or ‘cyber bullying’ come to the attention of staff, the school has a duty of care to investigate these allegations and may seek advice/assistance from the PSNI.  There is no access to social networking sites via school computers.





This will be made available on the school website.  If desired, parents may request a hard copy from the school office.