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We were delighted to be contacted by Myra Zepf, a local children's author, children's Writing Fellow for NI (2017-2019) and Artistic Director of 'Quotidian - Word on the Street', to ask if we would like to be involved with 'Project 5'. 


This project is funded by Quotidian - Word on the Street and Poetry Ireland. It is an effort to "...reconnect children in schools with authors and illustrators, to allow the ‘WOW’ moments of the live visit that leave lasting impressions and build relationships between children and the written word, but to do so within the confines of Covid-19 compliancy."

The project involves:

  • 5 primary schools in Northern Ireland (3 English-medium, 2 Irish-medium)
  • 5 Irish authors/illustrators, chosen as artists with experience in engagement with children
  • 5 children's books, with an emphasis on those with newly-published books during the pandemic
  • 5 videos


Miss Pankhurst's P7 class have been thoroughly enjoying Sam Thompson's brand new novel 'Wolfstongue'. They each received a copy to keep, which they will take home at the end of the year. They are looking forward to posing their questions to Sam and to receiving his answers via video.


A huge thank you to Myra for involving us in this worthwhile project.